Son Allegedly Attacks Mother in Bagley: Mitchell Nelson Charged

Mitchell Nelson
Mitchell Nelson

BAGLEY, MN ( – In a disturbing turn of events, Mitchell Nelson, a 62-year-old resident of Bagley, Minnesota, faces serious charges following an alleged attack on his own mother. Here’s what transpired:

  1. Charges Filed: Court documents reveal that Nelson is charged with felony threats of violence and misdemeanor domestic violence against his mother. Additionally, he faces a misdemeanor charge of fleeing the scene on foot[4].
  2. Emergency Call: The incident unfolded on March 29th when the Dispatch Center received a distress call from a victim in rural Bagley. The frantic plea for help indicated the severity of the situation.
  3. Threatening Behavior: Shockingly, during the call, Nelson’s voice could be heard in the background issuing threats against his mother, stating, “I’ll kill you.”
  4. Alleged Intoxication: Upon arrival, law enforcement officers reported that Nelson had been drinking. His alleged intoxication adds another layer of concern to the already troubling situation.
  5. Previous Restraining Order: Adding to the complexity, Nelson already had a no-contact order in place regarding the victim, further highlighting the troubled nature of their relationship.
  6. Physical Harm: The altercation allegedly resulted in Nelson physically shaking his mother and causing a cut to her hand.

This incident underscores the seriousness of domestic violence and the need for swift action to protect vulnerable individuals within our communities.

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