Shocking Allegations: Bluffton Woman Charged with Assaulting Infant

Jasmina Rivas
Jasmina Rivas

BLUFFTON, MN ( – In a disturbing incident in Bluffton, Minnesota, 40-year-old Jasmina Rivas faces serious charges of assaulting a three-month-old baby. Charged with first-degree assault causing great bodily harm and third-degree assault against a victim under four, Rivas’s actions have sparked outrage.

The charges stem from a May 25th investigation initiated by deputies responding to a disturbance at Rivas’s residence. Witnesses reported seeing Rivas handle the infant roughly, including squeezing, shaking, and hurling the child into a crib while shouting profanities.

Medical records confirmed the severity of the abuse, showing the infant suffered head trauma.

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