Sheriff’s Office Reveals Cause of Inmate’s Death at Polk County Jail

Matthew Bagley
Matthew Bagley

CROOKSTON, MN ( – In a solemn disclosure, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office has unveiled the cause of death of an inmate at the Northwest Regional Correctional Center in Crookston. Matthew Bagley, 51, hailing from Lebanon, Tennessee, met his demise on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

Cause of Death Confirmed:

Following an extensive autopsy, authorities have determined Bagley’s cause of death to be suicide by hanging. The closure of the case marks the conclusion of the investigation into this tragic incident. Standard protocol mandates an internal inquiry by the Minnesota Department of Corrections in response to any custodial death.

Timeline of Events:

On the fateful day, emergency services were summoned to the jail premises, where Bagley was held in custody for a DWI charge from Norman County. Despite efforts to save him, Bagley was pronounced deceased upon arrival at Riverview Hospital.

This revelation casts a somber light on the challenges faced within correctional facilities and underscores the importance of mental health support for inmates.

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