Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office News Release 04-24-24

News Release 04-12-24

On the afternoon of 04/05/24, the Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an individual causing a disturbance at an apartment complex in Red Lake Falls. The individual had gone back to their apartment prior to the deputy’s arrival and the matter resolved itself.

On the afternoon of 04/06/24, the Oklee Fire Department, the Oklee Ambulance and Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office personnel participated in a training exercise at the CHS Grain Elevator in Oklee. The exercise provided practice in extrication an individual from a pit at the elevator. The Sanford Air Med Helicopter was also going to be involved in the exercise. It was to land south of the football field and load the patient, but it was cancelled, due to another emergency call. A Representative from Sanford did provide some classroom training for local emergency responders to complete the exercise.

On the morning of 04/09/24, the Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a domestic disturbance at an apartment in Oklee. Red Lake County law enforcement officers responded to the residence. One of the involved parties left prior to their arrival. It was determined that no crimes had been committed and the matter was resolved.

On the afternoon of 04/09/24, a Red Lake County deputy assisted individuals with property inventory at a residence in Terrebonne Township. Interest in the ownership of some of the property was in dispute so a deputy was present to help keep the peace.

On the afternoon of 04/09/24, a Red Lake County deputy served a writ of recovery/order to vacate on a resident at a Red Lake Falls apartment complex. The order gave the tenant 24 hours to vacate the premises because they had been lawfully evicted. Red Lake County deputies returned to the apartment at approximately 3pm on 04/10/24, to ensure the party vacated. They assisted the tenant with the removal of some property and the tenant left the premises without incident. The evicted party was also informed they were also trespassed from the property and would not be able to return.

Mitch Bernstein, Red Lake County Sheriff: 04/12/24

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