Pub Owner Defeats Repeat Robber: Joshua Fox Jr. Faces Felony Charges

Joshua Fox Jr
Joshua Fox Jr

FARGO, ND ( – Valley City’s Joshua Fox Jr. is now facing serious charges after two robbery attempts at Chub’s Pub in Fargo. Court documents reveal that on May 18th at 10:00 a.m., Fox attempted to snatch a bottle of rum and flee. However, the pub owner intervened, leading to a struggle where Fox attempted to punch the owner but failed. Eventually, the owner managed to compel Fox to leave. Shockingly, Fox returned on May 26th, this time aiming for a six-pack. Another scuffle ensued, during which Fox brandished a folding knife without deploying the blade before finally departing. Fox has since been apprehended and charged with two counts of felony robbery.

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