Psychedelic Tragedy: Man Kills Friend After Taking Magic Mushrooms in North Dakota

Malcom Mayors
Malcom Mayors

STANLEY, ND ( – Malcom Mayors of Williston, North Dakota, has been charged with Class AA Murder following the tragic shooting of his friend in Stanley. On May 24th, at 12:12 a.m., police responded to the Mountrail County Correctional Center, where Mayors had arrived, wet and shoeless, claiming he believed he had killed his friend. He was immediately read his Miranda rights and taken into custody.

At the crime scene, officers discovered a deceased male at the top of the stairs in a house on Second Street Southeast. The scene included signs of a struggle, beer bottles, and a gun with bullet casings. Mayors confessed to consuming magic mushrooms before the incident. He described experiencing hallucinations and an inability to distinguish reality, which led to the fatal shooting. Mayors was arrested and later stated he needed a lawyer, indicating he was unaware of the legal implications of his actions.

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  1. Neil, the part that you said doesn't make sense at 3:23
    I think what he was saying is that the other guy has the same model phone. That might be why he couldn't unlock it. He was trying to use his friend's phone.

  2. I grew up in Ramona, CA with Malcom and also with the gentleman who was murdered. Rest in Peace, Jay- and good luck, Malcom. Malcom is a sweet boy, just not the smartest, and he didn’t mean for this to happen.

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