Police Respond to Shooting Incident in Larimore, ND on Saturday Afternoon

LARIMORE, ND (trfnews.i234.me) We had a report of a shooting in Larimore, North Dakota on this Saturday afternoon with the possibility of an armed and barricaded suspect.
some breaking news out of laramore North Dakota on this Saturday afternoon this started around 1:30 p.m. laramore is some 25 miles uh west of Grand Forks off of uh South of Highway 2 it sounds like a shooting and possible suspect barricaded here’s some of that uh radio traffic that was coming in we’ve got a reporting party on 911 seeing there’s a EMF gunshot wound rep party is not on scene we have no other information yet reporting party she witnessed it approximately 10 minutes ago yeah she’s relaying this her sister is inside and relays it he’s been shot ah head again as you heard it sounds like a shooting uh none of this confirmed yet law enforcement is busy doing their thing uh now initially radio traffic said they were possibly looking for two suspects then later it sounded like one and they knew where that suspect was uh we then had a call for SWAT to respond acate SWAT barric BARC and now as you heard there SWAT called for a uh possible armed and barricaded suspect a murder suspect uh this appears to be the trailer park in the northwest corner of lore uh no further details yet we’ll have those as soon as they’re available the good news here is uh they apparently know where the suspect is and at this point is surrounded and SWAT has been called uh check back soon for more details on this developing story I’m Neil Berg reporting for I trfnews.i234.me

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