Paradise Hatton and Steven Mapes Face Criminal Charges Following Altercation with Law Enforcement

Paradise Hatton
Paradise Hatton

BEMIDJI, MN ( – Paradise Hatton and Steven Mapes are under legal scrutiny after an altercation with law enforcement officers. The incident, detailed in a criminal complaint, occurred on April 5th when a deputy responded to reports of a large cloud of black smoke on Town Hall Road.

  1. Initial Encounter: Upon arrival, the deputy encountered Steven Mapes, who exhibited aggressive behavior and refused to comply with requests for identification. Mapes claimed he was burning plastic, despite warnings from the deputy about the illegality of such actions.
  2. The intervention of Paradise Hatton: Paradise Hatton joined the scene and actively interfered with the deputy’s attempts to detain Mapes, physically obstructing the officer and verbally assaulting him.
  3. Escalation and Assault: The situation escalated when Hatton struck the deputy on the head with her phone and fist, causing significant pain and injury. Mapes also resisted arrest and defied orders from law enforcement.
  4. Legal Ramifications: Paradise Hatton faces charges of felony assault of a peace officer and gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process, while Steven Mapes is charged with gross misdemeanor interference with a peace officer and misdemeanor forestry charges related to open burning prohibited materials.
  5. Response of Authorities: Additional law enforcement personnel arrived on the scene to assist in subduing the suspects and extinguishing the fire, which contained non-burnable waste and violated a burning ban.

This incident underscores the importance of respecting law enforcement and adhering to legal directives, with both individuals now facing serious legal consequences.

Steven Mapes
Paradise Hatton
Paradise Hatton

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