North Dakota Prepares for Potential Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure

BISMARCK, ND ( – Advocates are pushing for North Dakota voters to decide on legalizing marijuana for adults 21 and older this November. On Tuesday, supporters submitted a petition to place the measure on the ballot, signaling a significant step in the ongoing debate over cannabis legalization.

Secretary of State Michael Howe confirmed receipt of the petition, initiating the process for review and potential inclusion on the ballot. The petition must garner nearly 16,000 valid signatures by July 8 for the measure to proceed to the November election.

Steve Bakken, Chair of the sponsoring committee and Burleigh County Commissioner, emphasized the importance of local control in shaping cannabis policy. He highlighted the need to prevent outside influences from dictating North Dakota’s approach to legalization.

The proposed measure outlines conservative possession limits and provisions for home cultivation, setting it apart from neighboring states’ laws. Casey Neumann, CEO of Pure Dakota and a committee member, underscored the proposal’s balance between consumer accessibility and stringent regulation.

Despite previous failed attempts to legalize marijuana, advocates remain optimistic about the measure’s prospects. They argue that legalization could alleviate law enforcement burdens and provide economic benefits to the state.

As North Dakota navigates the path toward potential marijuana legalization, stakeholders weigh the implications for public health, law enforcement, and individual freedoms.


  1. Might as well legalize it and Tax it to the Maximum and the State can make Money off it . Minnesota will be getting Tax revenue off it soon and the Pot Smokers won’t get much done at there Work place after that cause they will be getting High at Noontime.

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