Motorcycle and Fire Truck Collide: Serious Injuries Reported

FARGO, ND ( – A collision between a motorcycle and a fire truck at the intersection of 40th Avenue South and 45th Street South has left one individual with serious injuries.

The incident, which occurred at approximately 11:42 AM, involved a 2005 Honda CBR1000 Motorcycle and a 2013 Spartan Pumper Fire Truck. The motorcycle driver, a 37-year-old male, sustained serious injuries and was transported for medical treatment. Meanwhile, the fire truck driver and two passengers, all Fargo firefighters, escaped unharmed.

According to reports, the fire truck was en route to respond to a structure fire with its emergency lights activated and siren blaring. The motorcycle, traveling in the same direction, merged into the lane occupied by the fire truck, resulting in a sideswipe collision.

The crash, categorized as a sideswipe, remains under investigation by the North Dakota Highway Patrol. The exact cause of the collision is yet to be determined.

As the investigation progresses, authorities urge caution and adherence to traffic laws, especially when emergency vehicles are present on the roads.

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