Moorhead Man Charged with Felony Theft for Alleged Car Theft in Fargo

Marcus Sauh
Marcus Sauh

FARGO, ND ( – Marcus Sauh, a resident of Moorhead, is facing a serious felony charge after being accused of stealing a car in Fargo. According to court records, on April 22nd at 4:30 a.m., a man reported that his unlocked car, left running to warm up for work on the 2600 block of 14th Street South, was stolen. Two days later, police found Sauh driving the stolen vehicle. He has since been charged with felony theft of property, highlighting the severity of the alleged crime.

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  1. Fargo…. Memphis of the North… Marcus…..The Man….and to think…He had to stand around and wait untill some " Clown"wanted to Work and Contribute to Society ..,and then the Police had the Nerve to go "harress " him and take him to the Station… Poor Marcus, quick…. Paint the Mural

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