1. it was a link to an educational video from a year ago. only reason the dems did this was to distract from their democrat burglary felon's ethics complaint that took place right after. nothing to see here.

  2. The gender surgery video should be sent to everyone in America so perhaps folks may begin to grasp the mutilation of children is exactly that abominable. Which was his point.
    If your going to be out there supporting these mutilations you better know what your defending.

  3. If you can't take the disturbing graphic reality of transgender surgery, then you have no business voting on anything related to transgender surgery. This is not pornography, it's the reality of what happens to children who cannot comprehend the mutilation that they can NEVER recover from. Same goes for abortion. Force yourselves to look at the dismembered body parts of abortions. Force yourself to watch a late term abortion and what the end results laid out on a table look like, a fully formed child murdered. How dare you when you are such cowards to view "disturbing" and "graphic" truth.

  4. So the problem here is that there were a total of 56 SRS surgeries on people under 18 from 2019-2021. I find it hard to believe those numbers have increased greatly recently just because more people are talking about it. Those 56 were all between 16-18. That’s way under 0.01% of the population. It’s not happening, it’s just another bullshit scare tactic these guys throw around to make you forget about the real problems in life and how they don’t have a damn clue how to solve them. There aren’t thousands of kids getting “mutilating” surgeries, there aren’t litter boxes in schools, but your Medicare and Social Security are being pissed away as you speak and they want to eliminate it all together. Bread and circuses so you forget what the real issues are.

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