Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Commits to Addressing DOJ Recommendations Following 2020 Riots

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (trfnews.i234.me) – Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis has pledged to review the city’s progress in implementing recommendations outlined in a U.S. Justice Department report regarding the 2020 riots sparked by the police killing of George Floyd. The report advises addressing 27 key points, including restructuring police response to major incidents, managing large crowds, and reevaluating police use of force protocols.

In a statement, Mayor Frey emphasized the city’s commitment to transparency and accountability, stating that all recommendations from the review have been completed. He assured the public that Minneapolis is not shying away from its past mistakes but rather actively working towards improvements in police-community relations and crisis management.

The announcement comes amidst ongoing efforts to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the community following the unrest triggered by Floyd’s death. Mayor Frey’s commitment to addressing the DOJ’s recommendations signals a proactive approach towards addressing systemic issues and fostering meaningful change within the city.


  1. Oh so basically they’re blaming police policies on these animals rioting and looting. This Frey dude isn’t worth the crap he leaves in the toilet. What a disaster Minneapolis is.

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