Investigation Reveals Hundreds of Drug Packages Sent to Moorhead, MN Over 3 Years

MOORHEAD, MN ( A native of South Korea is facing a dozen felony drug charges. His girlfriend has already been convicted in the case. Joo Hong allegedly setup many of his shipments out of Oakland, California.
a three-year-long investigation has ended in Moorhead with a dozen felony drug charges against you Hong court documents say it involves hundreds of packages of drugs shipped to Moorhead most of them from Oakland California Shania sievert of Morehead who back in 2020 said she was Hong’s girlfriend has already been convicted of conspiracy and sales of controlled substances in this case that’s where this investigation of Hong started back in 2020 on February 10th of 2020 Moorhead detectives were notified three packages were set to be delivered to Moorhead and they’d been flagged by a drug dog they contained marijuana all were addressed to 1914 17th Street South in Moorhead but addressed to different people police showed up and the person who answered the door said Hong had been selling it but had to go back to South Korea for military service a safe at the residence was searched and agents found ninety thousand four hundred eleven dollars cash 324 pills of LSD plus MDMA DMT 61 grams of marijuana digital scales and other paraphernalia that led to the May 2020 search of a Shania winter sieverts home at uh 1730 40th Avenue South in Moorhead agencies there seized nearly 1 000 grams of marijuana 19 grams of psilocybin mushrooms two tabs of LSD she informed agents that Zhu Hong is her boyfriend as we said she’s already been convicted for her part in this case the investigation at that time did reveal that since 2018 through 2020 hundreds of packages of drugs had been shipped from Oakland California to Morehead now whatever happened on the other end of this case isn’t known yet but it appears to be ended here in Moorhead I’m Neil Berg reporting for


  1. The "drugs" they have. Arnt "drugs". These substances are known to treat ptsd. And cancer.

    Trash drugs like heroin and meth destroy the body and mind. Don't group these two very different types of "drugs" as the same.

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