Increased Law Enforcement Presence at Traill County School Amid Shooting Threat Allegation

MAYVILLE, ND ( – Law enforcement will bolster its presence at a school in Traill County following an alleged threat of a school shooting. May-Port-CG Superintendent Michael Bradner confirmed the administration’s awareness of the danger but provided no specifics regarding its nature or timing.

In a statement to TRF News, Bradner emphasized the administration’s coordination with law enforcement and their commitment to ensuring the safety of students and staff. Although details remain undisclosed, Bradner assured that the incident was thoroughly investigated, and measures were taken to address concerns.

The statement comes amidst heightened tensions and concerns over school safety, prompting authorities to take proactive steps to safeguard the school community. With law enforcement set to be visibly present within the school district on Monday, students, parents, and staff are reassured regarding their well-being.

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