Grafton, ND Man Charged with Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident

GRAFTON, ND ( A Grafton, North Dakota man is facing criminal charges, after allegedly leaving the scene of an injury accident.
the 35-year-old Justin W Mo of Grafton
has been charged with felonies of
reckless endangerment and leaving the
scene of an accident with serious injury
along with misdemeanors of driving under
the influence of alcohol and duy refusal
according to court documents on January
12th a deputy was dispatched to a
rollover 2 miles east of Grafton on
County Road 11 and found blood all over
the vehicle and several open and closed
beer cans Mo wasn’t at the crash scene
but then showed up with a female driver
who said Mo had called her after the
crash and she picked him up a passenger
had already been taken to the hospital
by ambulance with serious injuries the
passenger later stated they’d been
drinking at the bar in Oakwood then
driving back to Grafton at speeds of 60
to 70 mph in a 40 m hour Zone the
passenger said he uh told Mo to slow
down several times before Mo missed a
turn and rolled the vehicle
at the crash scene the officer stated Mo
appeared intoxicated but refused a DUI
test and was arrested after being
medically cleared I’m Neil Berg
reporting for I


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