Gold Heist in Fargo: Man Charged with Stealing $22,000 in Coins

Cory R. Heinze
Cory R. Heinze


In a bold theft reminiscent of a movie heist, Cory R. Heinze of Fargo, North Dakota, has been charged with the felony theft of over $22,000 in gold coins. On May 28th, Heinze entered the Northern Plains Coin Store on Maine Avenue, feigning interest in purchasing quarter-ounce gold coins. An unsuspecting employee presented Heinze with a selection from a large envelope but momentarily stepped away, providing Heinze the perfect opportunity to act.

Seizing the moment, Heinze grabbed the envelope full of gold coins and dashed out of the store to a getaway car that was waiting nearby. The entire episode was captured on the store’s surveillance cameras, including footage of the car used in the escape. Following the incident, tips from social media users were instrumental in identifying Heinze as the suspect.

Heinze is now facing charges for the theft of approximately $22,500 worth of gold coins, significantly more than initially reported. There has been no update on whether the stolen coins have been recovered as the investigation continues.

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