Four-Vehicle Crash on I-29 Injures Multiple People: Driver Charged with DUI

Incident: Four-Vehicle Injury Crash
Location: I-29 MM 35, northbound – 3 miles southeast of Colfax
Date and Time: June 8th, 2024, at approximately 10:08 PM
Conditions: Dry roads, clear weather, nighttime (not lighted)
Type of Crash: Rear-end collision involving four vehicles
Agencies Involved: NDHP, Richland County SO, Colfax FD, Breckenridge-Wahpeton Ambulance, Kindred Ambulance

Vehicle No. 1: 2015 BMW 335
Driver: Donald Lawuya, 28, Fargo, ND – Injured
Restraints: Restrained
Charges: DUI, DUI Refusal, DUS
Passenger: Donya Eaya, 22, Sioux Falls, SD – Injured, Restrained

Vehicle No. 2: 2020 Mazda CX-5
Driver: Jodi Erfle, 59, West Fargo, ND – Injured (serious, life-threatening injuries)
Restraints: Unrestrained

Vehicle No. 3: 2023 Ford F150
Driver: Paul Schnaible, 66, Sioux Falls, SD – Uninjured
Restraints: Restrained
Passenger 1: Julie Schnaible, 64, Sioux Falls, SD – Injured
Passenger 2: Mary Severson, 91, Fargo, ND – Injured

Vehicle No. 4: 2022 Subaru Forester
Driver: Matthew Jorgenson, 62, Fargo, ND – Uninjured
Restraints: Restrained
Passenger 1: Lisa Jorgenson, 60, Fargo, ND – Uninjured, Restrained
Passenger 2: Susan Helms, 55, Fargo, ND – Injured, Restrained


This is an update on the four-vehicle injury crash that occurred northbound on I-29 near MM 35 on June 8th, 2024, around 10:08 PM. The crash happened during a traffic backup caused by an ambulance fire at MM 36.

Donald Lawuya, driving a 2015 BMW 335, approached the stopped traffic but failed to observe it in time, resulting in his vehicle rear-ending a 2020 Mazda CX-5 driven by Jodi Erfle. The impact caused the Mazda to collide with a 2023 Ford F150 operated by Paul Schnaible, which then rear-ended a 2022 Subaru Forester driven by Matthew Jorgenson.

Donald Lawuya, Donya Eaya, Julie Schnaible, Susan Helms, and Mary Severson sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to Sanford Hospital in Fargo. Jodi Erfle, who suffered serious, life-threatening injuries, was also transported to Sanford Hospital.

Donald Lawuya was arrested at the hospital for DUI, DUI Refusal, and Driving Under Suspension. The crash remains under investigation by the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

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