Ex-Warren, Minnesota Attorney Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Murdering Ex-Wife

WARREN, MN. (trfnews.i234.me) Anders Odegaard, a former attorney in Warren, Minnesota has been sentenced to 18-years in prison for beating death of his wife in August of 2022.
Andre odard a former attorney from Warren Minnesota has been sentenced to 18 years in prison with credit for 17 months already served in the beating death of his ex-wife Carissa odard in August of 2022 under a plea deal odard pled guilty to Second deegree murder for background on all this here’s our report uh going over the criminal complaint against him uh more from the criminal complaint uh regarding interviews with the children who were at the uh crime scene uh quote the child stated that he stated his dad’s house on August 22nd and woke up there on August 23rd that’s the uh day of the uh allege beating the child stated that he woke up uh early and uh pretty much read all day until his mother came to pick him up along with his four siblings the child stated his mother came to pick him up around 5:00 p.m and his father and mother got into a big fight the child uh went into the house and his mother was uh holding his little brother the child stated that when he went into the house his mother was lying on the floor and uh he believed his father grabbed a knife or a flipper spatula and hit his mother with that he thought that his father had killed his mother or made her pass out there was blood all over he said his father was telling him to get out of the house that’s when the child ran to the highway to flag some someone down to call 911 the driver uh uh by the house uh called 911 child stated that when he walked into the house his dad was hollering and yelling and was hitting his mother the child stated that he had seen his father hit his mother before usually with his hand a third interview was done uh the child St stated that the day started out good and was he was play they were playing outside with his siblings he stated that his dad was working on the computer in the house most of the morning they had spaghetti for lunch and they read a book in the afternoon he said his mother came to pick them up for church and that his father didn’t want her to take the kids and that’s when the fighting started he said Mom and Dad were fighting over the little brother mom and dad were tackling each other and his mother had a cut on her arm child stated his little brother got away from his parents and had to wash him up because of there was blood on him child stated that the fight argument started outside in the backyard and moved into the house he said that his dad was holding a spatula outside and maybe cut his mother with that the child went into the house and saw his father tackling his mother and started choking her that is when his mother said call 911 his mother was on her stomach and his father was on top of her choking her there was blood all over and he stepped over his mom at that time he said that he did tap on his mother’s foot but that she didn’t respond to the touch again Andre odard now sentenced to 18 years in prison with credit for 17 months already served I’m Neil Berg reporting for in trfnews.i234.me


  1. 18 years? He killed his Ex wife! I wonder what the plead deal was- "temporary insanity" and a stay in psych for x amount of months with anger management classes? These kids will never be the same. Luckily the baby won't remember any of this.

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