Downtown Fargo Brawl Leads to Aggravated Assault Charges: Suspects Claim Long-Standing Feud

Daishia Vivier Jesus Moreno Jr.
Daishia Vivier Jesus Moreno Jr.

FARGO, ND ( – Formal charges have now been filed in connection with a downtown Fargo fight on May 12, which stemmed from an incident four years ago, according to one of the suspects. Jesus Moreno Jr. and Daishia Vivier have each been charged with aggravated assault.

The altercation took place on Broadway in the early hours of May 12. An anonymous source submitted a video of the fight to TRF News, which was then forwarded to Fargo police. Daishia Vivier of Fargo has been charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly using brass knuckles to inflict or attempt to inflict bodily injury on a male victim. Jesus Moreno Jr. of West Fargo faces the same charge for reportedly causing serious bodily injury by striking the male victim.

The video shows the male victim knocked out, suffering a separated shoulder and concussion. His brother also sustained a broken nose. Moreno claims the fight originated from a four-year-old incident in which he was jumped and stabbed by the victims and others, a case that was never prosecuted.

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