Downtown Fargo Assault Victim Speaks Out, Arrest Made

Sam Pikula
Sam Pikula

FARGO, ND ( – In a harrowing incident, Sam Pikula became the victim of a severe beating while attempting to intervene in an assault in downtown Fargo. The assault left him with multiple facial fractures, necessitating surgery and extensive medical treatment.

Here are the key details:

  1. Assault and Arrest: Sam Pikula, who bravely attempted to stop an assault, ended up being brutally attacked himself. Following the incident, Fargo police arrested 36-year-old Travice Ledoux on charges of aggravated assault and robbery. Ledoux has no permanent address.
  2. Injuries and Recovery: Pikula suffered severe facial injuries, including multiple fractures to his orbital bones and nose, requiring surgery. He received around 30 stitches and had a titanium plate inserted into his forehead. Despite the extensive medical intervention, Pikula faces a challenging road to recovery and has been unable to work since the assault.
  3. Eyewitness Account: Pikula described witnessing a man being assaulted by a group of six men and intervened to help. However, he was outnumbered and subsequently targeted by the assailants. Despite his efforts, Pikula couldn’t prevent the attack and endured a vicious beating.
  4. Safety Concerns: Both Pikula and his father, Chad, highlighted growing safety concerns in downtown Fargo, emphasizing the need for increased police presence. They expressed dismay over the focus on minor issues like loud mufflers instead of addressing the escalating violence.
  5. Ongoing Investigation: The Fargo police continue to investigate the case, reflecting the seriousness with which they are treating the incident and their commitment to ensuring justice.

The assault on Sam Pikula underscores the urgent need for effective measures to enhance safety in downtown Fargo, ensuring that residents and visitors can feel secure in their community.

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