Downtown Fargo Assault: Multiple Suspects Involved in Serious Altercation

Sam Pikula
Sam Pikula

FARGO ( – Travice Ledoux, 36, faces charges of aggravated assault and accomplice to aggravated assault following an altercation in downtown Fargo. Court records reveal Ledoux as suspect #4 in a brawl on April 6th.

The incident unfolded when two men began fighting on NP Avenue. As two others attempted to intervene, Ledoux and five others joined, resulting in a violent confrontation. Ledoux allegedly punched and shoved a man to the ground, continuing to assault him alongside other suspects.

Six suspects in total are implicated in the brawl, each accused of assaulting one or more of the victims. Details from court records outline the actions attributed to each suspect, ranging from punching to stomping.

Sam Pikula, one of the intervening men, suffered severe injuries including a broken nose and orbital bones. Another man was knocked unconscious and had his tooth broken and cell phone stolen.

The case remains under investigation by Fargo Police, who are working to identify additional individuals involved.

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