The Crookston Fire Department (CFD) responded to the following calls on 4/25/2024 –

At 4:41 p.m., the CFD responded to the 200 block of E 3rd St for a concern of safety. Upon arrival, the CFD found that some windows had pieces of steel covering them, and the high winds had blown a piece off, and the other piece appeared close to being blown off as well. The CFD got up with a ladder and a pole and was able to remove the second piece of steel to prevent it from blowing off. Once the area was deemed safe, the CFD cleared the scene.

At 5:08 p.m., the CFD responded to the 2900 block of University Ave for a report of a fire alarm activation. Upon arrival, the CFD investigated, and it was found that it was a heat sensor that had caused the alarm to activate. There was no danger present. The CFD was able to locate the heat sensor that was triggering the alarm and informed the staff on hand to make the repairs to the sensor. The CFD reset the alarm and then cleared the scene.



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