Building Dreams or Breaking Laws? St. Michael Man Faces Criminal Charges for Alleged Material Theft

Steve V. Kraft
Steve V. Kraft

ST. MICHAEL, ND ( – In a startling turn of events, 50-year-old Steve V. Kraft from St. Michael, North Dakota, finds himself ensnared in a legal quagmire, accused of a litany of criminal offenses stemming from alleged theft activities.

  1. Incident Unfolds: On April 14th, the tranquil atmosphere of St. Michael was shattered as law enforcement responded to reports of a burglary in progress. Benson County Deputy, swift in action, discovered Kraft and two other individuals at a seasonal residence, the epicenter of the unfolding drama.
  2. Allegations Emerge: While Kraft’s companions remain unnamed and uncharged as of April 18th, damning accusations surfaced from one of them. It is claimed that the trio was pilfering doors, windows, lumber, power tools, and assorted items from the residence. These ill-gotten gains were allegedly destined for Kraft’s abode, where he purportedly harbored intentions of utilizing them in the construction of his own dwelling.
  3. Legal Fallout: The ramifications of these alleged misdeeds are profound. Kraft now faces a barrage of criminal charges, including felonies for burglary and theft. Additionally, he stands accused of five misdemeanors, entailing criminal trespass and involvement with methamphetamine, as numerous drug paraphernalia items tested positive for meth.

As the legal saga unfolds, the community grapples with the repercussions of Kraft’s purported actions, pondering the thin line between ambition and criminality.

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