Bizarre Intruder Alleging Witchcraft and Human Trafficking Apprehended in Fargo Apartment

Hayle Elizabeth Jensen
Hayle Elizabeth Jensen

FARGO, ND ( – In a chilling incident unfolding early this Thursday, April 11th, Fargo residents were stunned by a peculiar disturbance. Here’s the unsettling sequence of events as reported from the criminal complaint:

  1. Disturbance Response: Officers swiftly responded to a disturbance call at an apartment, where they encountered a male victim alleging an unknown female had entered his residence and picked up his child, causing alarm.
  2. Identified Intruder: The victim pointed out Hayle Jensen in the courtyard as the alleged intruder, who, when approached by officers, made erratic statements about witchcraft and child safety, implicating the victim in human trafficking.
  3. Detainment and Resistance: Despite being informed of her detainment, Jensen attempted to leave, prompting officers to intervene. She resisted, locking her hands to prevent handcuffing, but relented after repeated commands and was subsequently handcuffed.
  4. Victim’s Account: The male victim recounted Jensen’s entry into his apartment through a likely prop door, during which she spoke irrationally about human trafficking and caused him alarm regarding his child’s safety.
  5. Legal Action: Hayle Jensen now faces felony burglary charges following her apprehension.

This bizarre and alarming incident underscores the unexpected dangers lurking within residential communities. Stay tuned for further developments on this peculiar case.

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