Alleged Alcohol Bandit Strikes in Park Rapids

Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott

PARK RAPIDS, MN ( – In Hubbard County, Minnesota, a rural neighborhood near Park Rapids is rattled by allegations of burglary, with an unusual twist. Dylan Scott, a resident, is facing serious charges after purportedly targeting his neighbor’s liquor cabinet.

  1. Burglary Unveiled: Court records reveal a distressing incident where a property owner reported a break-in at their detached garage, leading to the theft of alcohol.
  2. Suspicious Activity: The victim, noticing peculiar movements of items in his garage, took precautions, including locking away his liquor bottles.
  3. Neighborly Suspicions: Upon discovering the forced entry into his liquor cabinet on March 25th, the victim traced footprints in the snow, leading straight to Dylan Scott’s residence.
  4. Admission of Guilt: Deputies confronted Scott, who confessed to the crime and was found in possession of the stolen liquor.
  5. Legal Ramifications: Scott now faces charges of third-degree burglary, shedding light on the consequences of his alleged actions.

This unsettling incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance in rural communities and the repercussions of unlawful behavior.

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