Allegations of Harassment Prompt Calls to Rescind Endorsement of House Candidate

ST. PAUL, MN ( – Minnesota politicians are urging a local DFL unit to withdraw its endorsement of Judd Hoff for House District 12B following accusations of harassment against the incumbent, Rep. Mary Franson.

Hoff, 53, stands accused of stalking and harassing Franson, including activities such as rummaging through her trash, sharing her personal information online, and filming her residence, alongside sending threatening messages.

While no charges have been filed against Hoff for these allegations, his criminal record reveals previous convictions, notably a 2021 felony assault charge for wielding a machete. Other convictions include disorderly conduct and property damage dating back to 1991.

David Hann, chairman of Minnesota’s Republican Party, called for an immediate rescindment of Hoff’s endorsement, emphasizing the urgency to denounce such behavior.

DFL Chairman Ken Martin swiftly responded by disavowing the endorsement and urging the local unit to retract their support. He condemned Hoff’s actions, stating they have no place in the Minnesota DFL party and emphasized the importance of rejecting violence in politics.


  1. Hey the DFL wasn’t going to put 1 thin dime into supporting a candidate in District 12B. So there was literally nobody who was willing to run EXCEPT nutcase attention-seeking felon Judd Hoff. This is what happens when the state DFL won’t “waste” money by fighting a battle of principle in an overwhelmingly red district. This is what happens when nobody will take that spot on the ballot just to “show the flag.” Judd Hoff shows the flag. Shows it upside down but he shows it. I guess the DFL needed to save all that money for lavish travel to “training seminars” in hot tourist spots, while 12B is left to suck hind tit. In the words of The Joker: YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.

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