Alexandria Police Chief Addresses Bank Robbery Investigation and Social Media Backlash

ALEXANDRIA, MN ( – In a press briefing today, Scott Kent, Chief of Police with the Alexandria Police Department, provided an update on the recent bank robbery that shook the town on Thursday afternoon.

Chief Kent outlined the swift response of law enforcement to the armed robbery at the Bremer Bank location in downtown Alexandria. Officers acted promptly following the incident, collaborating closely with bank staff to obtain crucial video surveillance footage and still images.

In an effort to engage the community and garner tips, the police department swiftly shared this footage and images on social media platforms. While this initiative yielded valuable information from the public, Chief Kent expressed disappointment at the disturbing turn the online discourse took.

The comments section on the department’s social media post quickly devolved into a cesspool of biased, racist, and hateful remarks. Chief Kent unequivocally condemned these comments as unacceptable and stated that the post was subsequently taken down to prevent further dissemination of such harmful content.

Chief Kent emphasized that such hateful rhetoric not only detracts from the ongoing investigation but also undermines community cohesion and support for the victims of the robbery. Despite this setback, he affirmed the department’s commitment to transparency and continued efforts to engage with the public in solving crimes.

Regarding the investigation itself, Chief Kent assured the public that law enforcement personnel are working tirelessly to identify and apprehend the suspect responsible for the bank robbery. While no arrest has been made yet, Chief Kent expressed optimism about the progress of the investigation and pledged to provide updates as they become available.

In closing, Chief Kent urged the community to rally behind the victims of the Bremer Bank robbery and reiterated his belief in the inherent goodness of the Alexandria community. He concluded by affirming the department’s unwavering dedication to upholding justice and maintaining public safety.


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