Yet Another Ice Rescue of Fishermen on New Year’s Day in Northern Minnesota

LAKE OF THE WOODS, MN ( We have another ice rescue of fishermen in Northern Minnesota on this New Years Day. This time on Lake of the Woods.
no I’m not kidding it sounds like we have another ice rescue underway in northern Minnesota this time on Lake of the Woods earlier this week we told you about several ice rescues on upper Red Lake south of here now at starting at about uh 3:00 on this New Year’s Day uh crws called out out of badet uh this photo was taken by Spring Steel Resort over on the west side of the lake a big crack was opening up and some are saying that crack has spread out across the lake over to Long Point and this video now posted on Facebook by NC fishing guide service this is off of Long Point uh they’re saying just after 300 p.m. a big crack opened up in the uh Resort there have a 16t boat out there hauling people across uh open water across the crack back to shore uh we’ll keep you updated I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. At this point, let these dumbasses to figure it out. How many examples of “not safe” do these idiots need? I’m going to assume these are democrats, which, that alone, would be reason enough to look the other way… Always someone else’s fault, take no responsibility for their own actions or decisions.

  2. All these YouTube guys like Tom boley blowing the tube up with videos early ice fishing in that state and next video is people getting rescued out there. You would think big you tube guys would be preaching stay off the ice not go commit suicide over a walleye.

  3. I think it time for anyone who need to be rescue from the ice should pay a big fine and hold the resort owner(s) accountable even liability. This need to be stop and close the season for now and wait until it get thicker and colder. How many people died already and how many have been rescued both of the big lakes URL and lotw. You putting rescuers at risk because of you stupid action because you have no brain and you're selfish

  4. I've been fishing this lake fo 40 years and have never seen so many people not thinking . We need 0 to 20 below to make safe ice . Unreal think people think ice is never safe🤦🤔

  5. Guess what happen at upper red lake nobody had any common sense. Should told you not go on the ice 50 idot never heave the warning. Recuser have to go risk there lives to go get them all for a fish .

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