Tom Carroll was the youngest New York Yankee ever to play in a World Series, and the second youngest World Series player in Major League Baseball (MLB) history.

MLB career

Carroll signed with the Yankees in 1955, after his freshman year at Notre Dame University. Enticed by a $35,000 offer, Carroll was a shortstop and third baseman who helped the Yankees to their 1955 World Series appearance. He played as a pinch runner in Game Four, just weeks after his 19th birthday, making him the youngest Yankee to play in a World Series. Carroll remained with the Yankees for a second season, including their 1956 World Series win, before being traded to the Kansas City Athletics. He played a single season with the Athletics. While he played professional baseball, Carroll continued attending Notre Dame in the off season, earning his degree in 1961. He went on to a career with the CIA, serving from 1961 until his retirement from the Senior Intelligence Service in 1988.

Notable Quote

“I know it isn’t an original remark, but isn’t it great to be young and to be a Yankee?” —Carroll at a 1955 press conference


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