Women Accused of Kidnapping, Imprisoning Man for 3 Days, and Assaulting Him

Women Charged With Kidnapping, Holding Man 3 Days & Assaulting Him

HIBBING, MN (trfnews.i234.me) Two women are facing criminal charges in Hibbing, Minnesota, after allegedly kidnapping a man and assaulting him for 3 days, until he escaped.
two women are facing charges in hiving for allegedly kidnapping a man and then assaulting him for 3 Days according to the criminal complaint on Monday morning Hibbing police responded to a gas station after a staff member called 911 to report a man who walked in stating he had been kidnapped uh the victim told the police 45-year-old Karen Stark and 39-year-old Shelley Gort both from Iron invited him to the house last Friday then held him at gunpoint while they restrained him with duct tape plastic wrap a rope and a chain they then used a taser on him several times on different parts of his body he was able to get his hands free by untying the ropes and chains and fled the house while it was still dark out the victim said he then head in a garage because Stark in a gour drove around in a van looking for him uh he hid until he felt safe enough to go to the gas station for help


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