Woman sentenced for felony drug offense
Woman sentenced for felony drug offense

A Warren woman was sentenced Monday, May 3 in Pennington County District Court for a felony drug offense.

Brianna Lynn Olson, 29, was sentenced for a felony charge of a fourth-degree controlled substance crime. Felony charges of conspiracy to commit a second-degree controlled substance crime and methamphetamine crimes involving children were dismissed.

For the former offense, Olson was granted a five-year stay of imposition. As a condition of that sentence, she was ordered to serve supervised probation for five years. Olson was ordered to have no contact with her co-defendant, Mikelalen Heaton.

She was ordered to continue to participate in mental health counseling and medical management. Olson was ordered to complete a chemical assessment. She was ordered to follow the recommendations of her evaluation, including aftercare. Olson was ordered to not use or possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives. She was ordered to provide a DNA sample. Olson was also ordered to pay $410 in fees and fines.

The charges stemmed from an ongoing drug investigation in April 2019 that allegedly involved Olson, Heaton, and Jeremy Aaron Tostrup. At the time, the three of them lived at 711 Atlantic Ave. N. in Thief River Falls. The complaints indicated Tostrup and Olson were boyfriend and girlfriend.

A child also lived at the home as evidenced by diapers and a stroller. A Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force officer also observed Olson carrying a small child out of the home while the home was under surveillance. Law enforcement utilized confidential informants to purchase meth from Tostrup and Heaton.

On April 27, 2019, an informant allegedly purchased one gram of meth from Tostrup for $130. On May 28, 2019, an informant purchased one gram of meth from Heaton for $120. At the time, Heaton was wearing bright orange shorts and told the informant that they were jail-issued shorts.

Five days later, police received a call from a neighbor, who reported a “revolving door” at the home in terms of the amount of people coming and going from that location at night.

Law enforcement then obtained a search warrant for Heaton’s Facebook account, finding numerous conversations involving him, Tostrup, and Olson allegedly discussing plans with others to sell meth and other controlled substances. One conversation involved Heaton and Olson discussing a third person coming to their home to buy drugs.

The other conversation involved Heaton saying he had received 3.5 grams of meth. Heaton separately communicated with three other people regarding drugs. Law enforcement was later granted additional warrants for Olson and Tostrup’s Facebook accounts. They found separate drug-related messages between Olson and two individuals. In one instance, a man was seeking drugs for others, including someone known to the PTPDTF officer in prior drug investigations.

In another instance, a woman was asking Olson if anyone needed drugs. PTPDTF also allegedly observed separate drug-related messages between Tostrup and two individuals. On Oct. 9, 2019, law enforcement executed a search warrant for the home. Inside, they allegedly found a pill bottle and a rubber hose, both containing meth residue, in Olson’s bedroom.

A scale and two large propane torches were also found there. In a living room, 3.78 grams of meth were allegedly found inside a box along with $300 in cash. Three marijuana grinders and other drug paraphernalia were also found in the home. Heaton has since been sentenced for his role in the crime. Tostrup’s case continues to proceed in the court system.

Olson, Brianna Lynn
Olson, Brianna Lynn