1. I would have never guessed that. She was always so sweet, nice and caring! She always helped me with finding money through different charities to help me pay for my eyeglasses and doctor appointments. I’m sure it was just a big error in judgment on her part. She does have a heart full of love for others. Hopefully people won’t be too harsh on her.

  2. Its always easy to say the owners should pay more attention and that is a true statement that is learned unfortunately in hind site! I had an accountant who stole over 100K from my business his name is Joe Sperle from Fargo ND, he was found guilty and a payment plan was setup by the courts and he made ONE payment then ran away to Arizona to hide and ND had no legal reciprocity with that state, I cannot legally go after him where he is hiding! This woman needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and dont let her out on bail because she will likely run and hide like my piece of slime did. Seize all of her assets, house, cars then let her sit in prison to think about her actions!

  3. So business can't trust there employees anymore. Nonprofit change corporate governance after being rob by nice employees. Put her jail where she belongs.

  4. Owners should pay more attention to a business finances. Office managers should prepare but not sign checks. Checks should be signed by the owner or use a 2 sig system similar to what good charaties use. I never feel too sorry for busineses that don't watch over things.

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