Winona LaDuke Among Monday’s Arrests In Line 3 Pipeline Protest Near Park Rapids, Minnesota

PARK RAPIDS, MN ( Winona LaDuke was among 7 more people arrested in another Line 3 pipeline protest near Park Rapids, Minnesota todaay.


  1. Such a white thing to do , can't just go around the little bit of land you left them after your slaughtered and starved them to death. Ps I am white and 25 percent Chippewa. Get over flexing and just go around you probably could have accomplished that goal by now if you planned the route a bit better.

  2. I think it is the work of fools to block a replacement steel pipeline to one that has been rusting in the ground for 60 years.

    It is much better to have new metal and newer technology to rely on to move crude oil.

    Each and every protestor must use fossil fuel. The further they reside from the pipeline the more fossil fuel they use to protest.

    So, they are hypocrites.

    Looking at the pipeline from where it can be viewed from the highway, it appears to be buried, well covered, and no threat to anyones hunting rights.

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