Winnebago Mayor and Son Face Charges in Cannabis Growing Operation

Winnebago Mayor and Son Face Charges in Cannabis Growing Operation

In a significant development, Winnebago Mayor Scott Robertson and his son, Jacob Robertson, are facing charges following the discovery of an illegal marijuana growing operation. The charges stem from a year-long investigation initiated after a tip-off in January 2023 regarding cannabis plants being cultivated in a commercial-grade greenhouse off 340th Avenue in Winnebago.

The Robertsons, previously licensed to grow hemp, were found to lack a valid license for 2023. Despite Minnesota legalizing marijuana possession and cultivation in August 2023, strict limits were imposed, allowing only eight plants for personal use within enclosed, locked spaces not visible to the public.

The South Central Drug Investigative Unit, upon investigating, faced challenges during a state Department of Agriculture site inspection due to the advanced notice requirement. Witnesses later revealed that, after notice, the Robertsons removed all growing plants from the greenhouses, rendering the February 2023 inspection fruitless.

A year later, a deputy reported the strong odor of marijuana near the greenhouse. Subsequent search warrants for three addresses, including the greenhouse, led to the discovery of approximately 240 cannabis plants.

Both Scott and Jacob Robertson now face charges of unlawful cultivation. Scott admitted to growing 200 plants, with both individuals claiming sole involvement. Scott Robertson, identified as Winnebago’s mayor, has a term set to expire at the year’s end. A phone associated with the mayor was traced to one of the searched addresses. Despite charges on Friday, both men were out of jail by Sunday.

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