Widow of Man Fatally Shot by Officer Near East Grand Forks Breaks Silence as Investigation Continues

EAST GRAND FORKS, MN (trfnews.i234.me) Lucas Gilbertson, the man killed in an officer involved shooting near East Grand Forks, Minnesota had a long criminal history. But, his wife Kari says there was much more to the man.
our I news report on the long criminal history of 42-year-old Lucas Gilbertson who was shot and killed Tuesday in an officer involved shooting as they tried to serve a warrant brought an immediate reaction from his wife Carrie today in a phone interview she told me quote yeah he did some bad things but he never hurt anyone he had a horrible disease he had an addiction he was a charismatic loving man full of so much life on quote and now with his life cut short Bonnie Bowman of the Minnesota BCA tells me they should have a preliminary report on Friday maybe Monday of what happened during that deadly shooting during their initial investigation Agents from the force investigations unit will collect statements from officers involved review body cam video and interview others involved and review an autopsy report that information will lead to their preliminary report as I said which is expected to be released Friday or Monday which is followed by a complete investigation taking as long as two months which is handed over to the county attorney prosecutor for any possible charges another drug involved story that leaves so many with so much pain I’m Neil Berg reporting for I trfnews.i234.me


  1. Its sad that he chose to make the choices he did that ultimately ended in his death. This wasn't out of his control, he chose this. I wouldn't call a man with his rap sheet a wonderful person. Good people don't steal things.

  2. What the hell interview the wife you POS i can’t stand you you have ruined as many lives as the cops he was a great guy didn’t do anything to anyone his original charges were taking a deer stand those cops should be fired and thrown in Prison .. adding he had an addiction what’s that got do with and thing except like always you help the cops yep your an ass always have been working off lies and false police reports I wouldn’t believe a word you say

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