West Virginia Inmate Indicted in Connection to Missing Infant Daughter

The West Virginia inmate, Shannon Patrick Overstreet, has been indicted on charges of murder and related offenses in connection to the disappearance of his infant daughter, Angele Nichole Overstreet. The indictment alleges that Overstreet was responsible for the child’s death and engaged in concealing and disposing of her remains. An extensive investigation involving multiple law enforcement agencies has been ongoing since the infant’s disappearance in May 2021. Overstreet is currently serving a prison sentence for unrelated charges but now faces more serious charges related to the tragic incident.

Incident Overview:

  1. Indictment Details:
    • Shannon Patrick Overstreet, a West Virginia prison inmate, has been indicted on charges of murder, death of a child by a parent through child abuse, and concealment of a deceased human body. The indictment was issued by a grand jury in Cabell County.
  2. Victim and Investigation:
    • Angele Nichole Overstreet, the infant daughter of Shannon Patrick Overstreet, has been missing for over two years since May 2021. Authorities, including the Huntington Police Department, FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, and state police from West Virginia and Kentucky, initiated an investigation into her disappearance.
  3. Criminal History:
    • Overstreet is currently serving a sentence of two to 10 years at the Huttonsville Correctional Center. He admitted guilt in malicious wounding and forgery charges related to an incident involving his mother. These crimes occurred in the same month that his daughter was last seen.
  4. Public Appeal and Custody Issues:
    • Authorities sought the public’s assistance in locating the missing infant in May 2021. West Virginia Child Protective Services reported her missing after investigating custody issues with Overstreet. He claimed to have given the child to agency workers, but investigators couldn’t verify the custody exchange 6.


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