Keith George Deremer
Keith George Deremer

A Warren man was sentenced Tuesday, March 2 in Pennington County District Court for conspiring with another man to possess 127 grams of methamphetamine.

Keith George Deremer, 54, was sentenced for a felony charge of conspiracy to commit a first-degree controlled substance crime. Deremer was ordered to serve 64 months in prison. He was ordered to supply a DNA sample.

Deremer was ordered to not use or possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives for his lifetime unless his civil rights are restored. He was also ordered to pay $210 in fees and fines.

The charges stemmed from a Feb. 10, 2020, conversation between two Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force law enforcement officers, according to the complaint. A confidential, reliable informant had told the former officer that Scott Srnsky had allegedly traveled to sell meth to the informant. A little more than two weeks later, a cooperating individual told the PTPDTF that Deremer obtains meth and marijuana from California and has it sent to Srnsky’s Thief River Falls home.

Fictitious names are used on the packages. The person indicated that Deremer had last received a package about a month earlier and it contained about one pound of meth purchased for $3,000.

The person said Deremer and Srnsky then allegedly sold the meth. The person assisted in weighing eight balls of meth and then drove to the Red Lake Casino with Deremer. There, they met a woman and gave her a half-pound of meth.

The person also said Deremer had asked others to help get rid of meth after Valentine’s Day, 2020. On April 8, someone told a PTPDTF officer that a high volume of people were coming and going from Deremer’s home, and staying for a short period of time. The officer noted these types of visits are consistent with possible drug sales.

Through an investigation, the officer also learned that Srnsky’s car had been at Deremer’s home for more than a week as of April 12. He also learned that Deremer had been seen driving the car in Warren.

A PTPDTF investigator contacted a U.S. postal inspector, who determined Srnsky’s address had received 11 packages from Long Beach, Calif., from Dec. 7, 2019, through April 29, 2020. He noted the same IP address was used to track packages delivered to the residences of both Srnsky and Deremer.

On May 1, the inspector told the investigator that another package from Long Beach was en route to Srnsky’s home. The inspector told the Thief River Falls Post Office to divert the package to his office in Fargo, N.D.

On May 4, Fargo Police Department K9 Kilo alerted his partner to the odor of a controlled substance coming from the package. Four other packages of similar sizes had been placed nearby as part of the package lineup. A federal search warrant was soon executed for the package.

Inside, the inspector allegedly found about 127 grams of meth inside plastic bags. A search warrant was then signed and executed May 4 for Srnsky’s person, home, vehicles, and electronic devices. Srnsky and Deremer were found inside Srnsky’s home, 19456 120th Ave. N.W. Srnsky allegedly possessed $575 in cash on his person.

Inside the home, law enforcement allegedly found a plastic baggie with 0.73 grams of suspected meth, a digital scale with meth residue, a hypodermic needle in a garbage bag, a small amount of marijuana, about 34 unused plasticgram type baggies, a baggie with a small amount of marijuana, and a plastic baggie containing $517.

Deremer said the marijuana belonged to him. Srnsky allegedly admitted possessing meth in a bag in a back bedroom at the home. On Srnsky’s phone, law enforcement found text messages between Srnsky and Deremer from May 4. The text messages seemed to pertain to the delivery of the meth.

Law enforcement later executed a search warrant for Deremer’s phone. They found text messages between Deremer and another person apparently referring to the package, which was being sent to Deremer in care of a person with a misspelled version of Srnsky’s first, middle, and last names at Srnsky’s home. The tracking number was close to the tracking number for the package with the exception of a number that appeared to be transposed.

Srnsky’s case is still proceeding in the court system. A trial is currently scheduled for May.