Urgent Update: 100 Fishermen Stranded on Ice in Upper Red Lake, Minnesota Friday Evening

UPPER RED LAKE, MN (trfnews.i234.me) We have another report of ice fishermen trapped on Upper Red Lake, Minnesota. This time the emergency call says as many as 100 fishermen are trapped out on the ice.
breaking news out of upper Red Lake Minnesota again this time we have an emergency call for as many as 100 people trapped out on the ice here’s an emergency call that came in just before 5:00 p.m. on this Friday chy cars black up came carer First Responders carrier fire search and rescue upper rad Lake went out the Jr access opened about 30 ft of water approximately 100 people stuck in the lake to use Bale 3 and Northwest 2 Bale 3 Northwest 2 again as you heard as many as 100 people stuck out on the ice on upper Red Lake uh Minnesota as Darkness Falls on this Friday a video here of upper Red Lake from Nick helot earlier today you can see open water out there uh but again another rescue underway hopefully everyone can get get off safely going to tough conditions in the dark I’m Neil Berg reporting for I trfnews.i234.me


  1. We're all doomed! The dumb asses are taking over. I live near Brainerd, MN. and most ice I see looks like it's a week or so from ice out. You won't be seeing my smart ass on any ice in Minnesota any time soon. Maybe not at all this season.

  2. Yeah punish the citizens with fines but let 10-15 million illegals enter the country and give them $5K . How about storm victims do they get fined for a storm taking their home down. You libtards are nuts 😃

  3. They need to revoke their fishing licenses and give each one an IQ TEST. If any brought children out onto the ice they should be charged with child endangerment. Ding Dong school is in session.

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