UPDATED: Statement from a Victim of Domestic Violence in Warren, Minnesota

WARREN, MN (trfnews.i234.me) The victim of a Domestic Violence victim in Warren, Minnesota Saturday evening has a message for anyone in an abusive relationship…get out.
the suspect in a domestic violence incident in war in Minnesota Saturday evening has now been identified by the victim as Jeremiah Anderson here’s a bit of the radio traffic as this started out around seven o’clock Saturday night uh sounds like a domestic uh possible weapons involved 406 407 uh female parties uh they are in the house weapon involved there are children presents 406 407 my partner got another 9-1-1 reporting shots fired and we now have the statement from the female victim in this incident Saturday night she wanted to reach out to others who may be in an abusive situation and gave me the okay to read this uh this is from the female victim in that domestic violence situation in Warren Minnesota last night quote someone was watching over us tonight we have an order of protection over me and my children against my soon-to-be ex-husband because he he beat the F out of me two months ago then today he showed up with a loaded assault rifle and told me he was going to shoot me and my children then asked or should I shoot your sister first aimed his gun at my twin the order for protection states he cannot be within 500 meters of us our workplace and our school he fired around into the ceiling of the house I tried to get the guns from him but he ended up beating me punched me in the side of my head and ribs I am already in pain from my biopsy and can barely walk I shielded myself over the guns to protect my kids so I can now prove that I would take a bullet for them special thank you to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for being quick to save us me my sister they had several officers around our house with their guns yelling at him to get down on the ground and he wouldn’t so he ended up being tackled again if you have someone who is abusively believe things will only get worse I am sharing this because I want people to know what happens when you are dumb like me and let and let the wrong people in in I’m never going to be able to forget tonight and neither are my children or my twin who already suffers from schizophrenia I’m tired of I am terrified of being in my own home I’m terrified to go anywhere now I’m terrified of bringing my two children places I’m just effing scared again that’s from the female victim of that domestic violence situation and War and last Minnesota Saturday night we’ll have more and all this uh when formal charges are filed I’m Neil Berg reporting for itrfnews.i234.me


  1. I hope the truth prevails.. I find it absolutely insane that the one that TRULY is abusive is now playing victim.. I pray to God the truth prevails.

  2. Order of protection does nothing only a piece of paper. Get your self a gun to carry to protect yourself. he Is obviously not allowed to own a gun if he beat the crap out of you before. he will get another gun and do it again in the future. Get yourself protection don't wait do it!

  3. Thanks to the victim to share the statement. I pray for her family's safety. You may need help in getting away from the area and doing it in a way he can't find you. Please speak to experts in DV so you can protect yourselves. I cannot imagine the terror you felt and I feel for you. And when you are suffering already from illness. You proved yourself and your love, but don't assume it's over. Praise God you are all still alive. Thanks to the Marshalls, I was worrying about whether or not something would happen while LE had to wait for assistance. Love you and God bless you. I'm so sorry. It's not your fault that this happened either. No judgment here.

  4. It wasn't even a year ago that another domestic violence incident ended with a murder in Warren. According to the 2020 census Warren is ~1600 people. Even in a town that small there has been two notable examples of DV in such a short time not to mention the ones that don't make the news. Domestic violence is a big problem in this country and it doesn't get enough attention.

  5. I pray for anyone that believes this evil woman's lies and crocodile tears!!! She is abusive and vile beyond words.. i pray for her children

  6. Trust her advice.. I have been there & I now live on disability because of my ex husband. I have many scar's on my body and heart. Also, I lived in that town 37 yrs ago and my 1 st son passed away there . He was only 4 months old. Thanks Neil

  7. She might need to take her children and "go underground" through the women's domestic violence shelter system. It works. Hopefully the court system there will keep this guy from more violence. Sad story. It takes courage and strength to break the abuse cycle. God protect this family. 🙏

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