UPDATE: Victim in McIntosh Bar Brawl Stabbed 20 Times, Attempted Murder Charge Filed

MCINTOSH, MN (trfnews.i234.me) A Winger, Minnesota woman is now facing an Attempted Murder charge, following an early Sunday morning brawl at a McIntosh, Minnesota bar. Jayden Ray has been charged with 2nd Degree Attempted Murder and 1st Degree Assault, after the victim, who survived, suffered 20 knife wounds.
19-year-old Jaden Ray of Winger
Minnesota has now been charged with
second degree attempted murder
intentional and first deegree assault
great bodily harm in connection to a bar
brawl in Macintosh Minnesota early
Sunday morning now reading from the
criminal complaint which does not
specify what may have motivated all this
quote January 14th at approximately
12:05 a.m. members of the PO County
Sheriff’s Office dispatched to little
Bobby’s Bar and Grill and Macintosh to
investigate a report that a male was
laying on the ground outside with
unknown injuries when a deputy arrived
he saw a male who was later identified
ssj uh laying on the ground the
temperature was well below zero at that
time the deputy noted that ssj had a
laceration on his left cheek and blood
in his face and hands when medical
personnel arrived the deputy noted they
were blood stains on ssj’s chests and
fants as well and there was blood on the
snow where ssj had been laying ssj was
later transported to the hospital in
foston and then to a hospital in Fargo
uh that victim has survived uh back to
the criminal complaint after
interviewing several people it was
determined that ssj had been inside of
little Bobby’s Bar and Grill earlier and
had assaulted another man while inside
the bar
uh ssj was then forced out of the bar
and was locked outside the man who was
assaulted in the bar called his father
and explained uh that that he had been
assaulted when the when that victim’s
father arrived outside of the bar ssj
assaulted him as well and that man
home while inside the bar the deputy
spoke to Jaden uh Ray and her mother and
asked them where the knife had come from
Jaden Ry said she stated she did not
know did not have a knife and only
pushed ssj off her mother while inside
the bar the deputy noted that Jaden Ray
had some blood on her clothing another
deputy went to asena hospital in foston
and spoke to ssj ssj stated that a woman
came out of the bar that she screamed at
him and that is when uh he was stabbed
but he did not see a weapon in her hand
the deputy noted ssj had at least 14
puncture wounds to his face his upper
left arm and top of his left shoulder
down the Left Flank area and into his
lower back area the deputy also noted
ssj had El laceration along his lower
left jaw the wound appeared to be the
result of a slicing motion while the
other wounds appeared to be the result
of a stabbing motion medical staff
reported that ssj had suffered at least
20 wounds well at the Northwest
Correctional Center in jail another
deputy interviewed Jaden Ray after being
advised of her rights she initially
stated that she did not stab ssj and did
not own any knives Jaden Ray then stated
she had a small pocket knife uh with her
while inside the bar she opened up the
knife while still inside the bar she put
the knife up to ssj’s neck while outside
of the bar SS J was facing her when she
did so she pushed the knife harder than
she intended to and cut about 1/2 inch
into ssj’s neck then she stabbed ssj
three or four more times she then ran
and threw the knife away when she came
back she saw ssj in a pool of blood she
did not remember remember stabbing ssj
more than three or four times and she
was angry when she stabbed
ssj I’m Neil reporting for I


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