UPDATE: Uncovering the Story of the $1.3-Million Jackpot Winners at Shooting Star

MAHNOMEN, MN (trfnews.i234.me) The story behind a couple who just won $1.3-million at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, Minnesota.
we’ll have an update now regarding that 1.3 million dollar jackpot winner we told you about that the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen on December 26th this now from the Shooting Star Casino uh they say during their uh December 26th Boxing Day promotion for Canadian guests uh Cornell McLean McLean senior and his wife Lisa and their daughter and son-in-law were traveling from Winnipeg through menomon on a quiet getaway after a hectic Christmas season after sitting at the border for over an hour there were thoughts of just turning back but McLean left felt the getaway was much needed looking back he’s glad they didn’t turn around McLean sat down in front of a dancing drums explosion slot machine and on the second push of the spin button saw drums explode and realized he had just won a jackpot at first he believed that jackpot was about thirteen thousand dollars however he quickly Leo alerted to the fact that as jackpot was a bit higher than that over 1.37 million dollars when asked about his plans for the money McLean said he gave it to his wife the pair have been saving to buy a home will be able to buy a new house now shares McLean I also have a plan to share with my three siblings in addition he says they have a big family with five children and 16 grandchildren two of whom he and his wife are legal guardians of so the money will be used for them as well I’m Neil Berg reporting for itrfnews.i234.me


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