UPDATE: Strange Story Of Parents Charged, After 2 Children Found By Burning Vehicle

FIINLEY, ND (trfnews.i234.me) Two parents are now facing criminal charges, after 2 children were found by a burning vehicle, early Christmas morning.


  1. What the heck were these parents thinking? Taking babies for a ride out to the middle of nowhere on a road that isn't maintained in 20 something below weather at 10pm at night. And then released from jail, high on meth no doubt, on a promise to appear in court. I sure hope those babies weren't placed back in their care. WOW. Thank God those babies are ok

  2. Boy thats one hell of a story! I hope these parents? or whatever they are can pull their heads out of their asses and get/accept the help they need before the kids pay the price!!!

  3. Jeez, what losers. Drugs, child abuse, breaking and entering , arson. Pathetic examples of parental failure. But I guess social service department will do everything possible to keep the family together so the kids will have excellent example to become productive citizens. Drugs, crime, chaos.

  4. I pray the children are given safe refuge until these people get their lives together. I understand that drug is miserable, but to abandon children this young is nearly unforgivable.🙏

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