1. Nobody in these comments have been fishing on red lake early ice. This wasn't an emergency it was an ice condition change that some inexperienced fishermen freaked out about. These things happen on big frozen lakes. For experienced fishermen and guides it just something you monitor and adapt to. It definitely wasn't news worthy.

  2. It’s time to charge that resort (JR’s)for how many times/years and how much local services they have cost the local area!!
    Remember the days when people weren’t this STUPID!!

  3. This is a shame. People like these " The so called Professional Guides and Outfitters" are Destroying the REAL SPORT of ice fishing. DON’t listen to the salesman, listen to the fishermen. All for the sake of the almighty Greenback dollar not the elusive Greenback fish. USE SOME COMMON SENSE for crying out loud. All said, I’m Just glad this turned out the way it did.

  4. I literally watched this dudes video two days ago and he was fishing this lake and they said the ice conditions were great and you could get out there easily on foot……. Scary stuff….

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