UPDATE: Officials Identify Shooter in Triple Murder-Suicide

TOWNER COUNTY, ND (trfnews.i234.me) Authorities have ID’d the shooter in a triple murder-suicide near Leeds, North Dakota on August 29th as Robert Bracken.
breaking news out of towner county north dakota late on this flight friday afternoon uh the sheriff’s office says an investigation suggests robert bracken was the shooter in a triple murder-suicide when four men were found deceased here in this wheat field on august 29th uh shot to death were 34 year old justin bracken his son 64 year old rick richard bracken uh his uh brother and 56 year old douglas dolmage the farmer they were all working for for harvest here’s a statement from towner county sheriff andrew hillier quote the investigation into the deaths of doug dolmage justin brock and richard bracken and robert bracken to date has revealed that there was a dispute between brothers robert bracken and richard bracken which had been escalating for a week or more prior to the events of august 29th the investigating agencies are now in possession of preliminary autopsy results which indicate that doug doolmage justin brack and richard brockin all perished as a result of multiple fatal gunshot wounds robert bracken had one fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound and was in possession of the firearm that was recovered at the scene the brackens worked for doug dunleage and were in a wheat field to conduct harvest related activities evidence at the scene indicates robert bracken fatally shot uh dulmage justin bracken and richard bracken before taking his own life that was from the towner county sheriff’s office i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


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