UPDATE: Murder Charge Filed in Beulah, ND Bar Shooting, More Details Revealed

BEULAH, ND (trfnews.i234.me) A Murder charge has been file against Shawn Gramkow of Beulah, North Dakota in connection to a bar shooting Thursday night that left 1 man dead and another man wounded.
formal charges have now been filed in a deadly shooting in Beulah North Dakota Northwest of Bismarck 38 year old Sean Allen grahamko of Beulah North Dakota is in the Mercer County jail after two people were shot at the Fanatics Bar in Beulah late Thursday one of the shooting victims a male died gramco has now been charged with murder intentional attempted murder dangerous weapon aggravated assault dangerous weapon reckless endangerment and DUI reading from the Affidavit of probable cause without the names of the victims and Witnesses quote a special agent was informed that a 9-1-1 call was received at 1105 PM this is Thursday about a fight inside of the bar and the bartender thought one of the participants in the fight had a gun while on the phone with the 911 dispatcher gunshots can be heard in the background the gunshots are heard in a group followed by a time with no gunshots the 9-1-1 caller can be heard asking someone if they’d been shot to which the person answers they had been there is another group of gunshots heard over the call the individual identified as Sean gramco then leaves the bar in a vehicle an officer of the Beulah Police Department was responded with lights and Sirens to a Fanatics Bar when the information was put out over the radio that the suspect had left the location the officer located a vehicle traveling south from the location initiated a traffic on a stop on the vehicle and detained Sean Sean Graham cow the officer located at Smith and Wesson m p nine millimeter handgun inside the vehicle on the passenger seat the officer secured the firearm and identified there were full four bullets in the magazine of the handgun and one live bullet in the chamber of the handgun the officer secure are the items as evidence the officer spoke with Sean grahamkow and advised him of his Miranda rights gramco acknowledged understanding his Miranda rights and spoke briefly with officer Newman gramco acknowledged that he was the shooter at Fanatics officer took a gramco into custody for DUI and reckless endangerment and transported him to the Mercer County Jail a special agent responded to the scene at Fanatics Barb upon arrival a special agent was shown that the male victim was deceased within the bar the inner individual was identified using his Florida driver’s license as PL a 23 year old male PL had a pool of blood under his torso and on his pants there was also what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the back of a pl’s head there was no medical intervention attempted on PL as First Responders determined he was deceased upon arrival a special agent was in as was informed that a separate victim identified as Ms had been shot and treated unseen by medical personnel before being transported to Bismarck for treatment special agent was informed that Ms had gunshot wounds as well within the scene of uh inside of Fanatics Bar there were numerous shell casings and bullet defects special agent was shown surveillance footage within the surveillance footage Sean Graham cow was shown sitting at the bar closest to the camera the victim PL was seated at the bar near Sean gramco and the other victim Ms was seated at the bar furthest from the camera Sean gramco and the victims appear to be talking to each other but there is no audio with the video PL gets up from his seat and begins to walk away the bar from the bar toward the exit while PA was walking away Ms stands up and walks over to Sean gramco mm s head butts Sean Graham cow and starts a physical fight PL then comes and joins the fight pushing Sean Graham cow in the face grahamko and pl begin to fight and fall to the ground while on the ground the Fight Continues and moves around the area in front of the bar during the fight PL grabs Sean grahamko from behind the back and holds him up while Ms appears on video to be saying something to Sean grahamkow during this time a black handgun is visible in the front of Sean gramco’s pants the physical fight continued between Sean gramco and pl during the video Sean gramco retrieves the handgun from his waistband band and is seen being fired and striking walls in fnatic’s bar Ms appears to be struck at this time PL and Sean grahamkoff continue to fight on the ground over the handgun Ms has seen kicking at Sean gramco during this time as the Fight Continues gramco regains control of the handgun is seen kneeling next to PL Sean gramco is seen on the video firing one bullet into pl’s head and then firing two bullets at Ms who then falls to the ground after the gunshots Sean gramko is seen standing up picking up a cellular phone off the ground and then a cellular phone off the bar Graham Kyle then leaves the bar back towards his vehicle and is stopped shortly after by Officer Newman again that was directly from the affidavit and the criminal complaint against Sean grahamkow I’m Neil Berg reporting for itrfnews.i234.me


  1. Head butt this guy and double team him in a fight.
    Sounds a lot like instant karma to me.
    Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. And I am referring to all 3 of them.

  2. Speaking of bar I went into one last night and they were talking about God some thought they knew it all and others have an understanding about him I had to jump into the conversation ..that's a good thing

  3. Sounds like self defense to me. When your life is threatened, especially in a two against one brawl, you might shoot more than once because of adrenaline & the fact that you are scared for your own life… Even if a shot is to the back of the head, you probably want to make sure that someone isn't going to be coming back after you when you are trying to leave just to stay alive… Those two should have thought twice about messing around with a two on one situation… That's is as unfair as it gets. Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes. F.A.F.O.

  4. Phillip you were the greatest. You were my brother , you were too special for this place , from the day I met you we was locked in . I lost my brother during the hardest time of my life only to find out when I came home you was gone . I believe in justice being served for you , regardless the outcome you were the greatest. Rest in peace brother , my son is due in march and he has your first name as his middle name. I hope he grows to be as special as you was . Love you brother

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