UPDATE: More Details In Tragic Accident, Child On Bicycle Hit By Semi

CROOKSTON, MN (trfnews.i234.me) The Minnesota State Patrol has released a few more details regarding a semi hitting a child on a bicycle ini downtown Crookston late Monday afternoon. The semi driver has been identified at 73- year old Duane Otto Schouveiller of Mahnomen. The child on the bicycle has only been identified as a 10-year old girl from Crookston, who suffered life threatening injuries.
The Crookston Police Department and Minnesota State Patrol are conducting a joint investigation of the accident.


  1. Semis have to make wide right turns and sometimes run over curbs. Truck drivers can't see in their blind spots. This goes for people driving cars that don't move when a truck is trying to turn. I'm sure the guy driving the truck isn't doing well mentally. I've almost hit kids on bikes that came out of nowhere or ran out of garages at my apartment. Kids are quick. Maybe the guy didn't see the child or maybe the child thought it was safe to go. I hope the child survives. As far as the driver is concerned his driving days are cut short. Mine would be over no matter my age.

  2. Hopefully this prompts officials to restrict truck traffic in downtown unless they have a stop or delivery to make in downtown. Use the damn bypasses.

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