UPDATE: Manhunt Continues for Suspect on the Run in Roseau, Minnesota – Please Report Tips to 9-1-1

ROSEAU, MN (trfnews.i234.me) A manhunt is still underway on this Friday afternoon for a suspect wanted in Roseau, Minnesota in connection to an incident last night. Brandon Hamilton allegedly pulled a gun on a woman during a domestic incident.
we have an update from Roso Minnesota following a shelter in place order last night that was lifted this morning a Manhunt is still underway late on this Friday afternoon for 33-year-old Brandon T Hamilton still running uh after allegedly pointing a gun at a woman Thursday night Hamilton was out of bail was out on bail for drug sales domestic assault and more from an incident uh last May and now more trouble Thursday night on the south end of Roso it appears police though have the gun uh more details on all this from the criminal complaint uh quote on November 30th at 8:02 p.m. Roso police received a call from the female victim reporting that Hamilton had pointed a gun at her this was said to have happened at the 1101 Apartments this is located on the south end of buiji here uh the officer began responding to the scene and checked for a black BMW that was reported to be driven by Hamilton the victim met the officers and Hamilton went over to Parkland Apartments next door and that she did not know where he is uh the victim reported female victim reported getting into a fight with Hamilton and he pulled a silver and black handgun and then fled the scene the victim further described getting into a argument with Hamilton which led to a physical altercation the female victim indicated that was broken glass all over from the altercation uh she reported attempting to leave and Hamilton pulling her back in by the hair and shirt at some point in the altercation Hamilton pulled out a firearm and pointed it at her uh the victim then called law enforcement and Hamilton left the part the apartment the victim is protected by a domestic abuse no contact order uh signed by the court in August off other officers State including state troopers and deputies uh then arrived at the Parkland apartment complex uh next door to where the altercation occurred and located the two-door black BMW with Mississippi plates 55 And1 the vehicle was not occupied officers entered the apartments but were not able to locate Hamilton surveillance was reviewed an individual who matches the appearance of Hamilton is seen entering the main entrance to the Parkland Place Apartments and is seen walking to a stack of newspapers Hamilton is then observed to pull something out of his pocket and put it under the stack of newspapers a Minnesota conservation officer located the firearm beneath the newspapers where Hamilton was viewed to put an item the firearm had five bullets inside uh the officers uh then from a tip checked another apartment uh but Hamilton was not located uh the renter of that apartment reported Hamilton had had been there but when officers were observed at the apartment building he went back and uh told Hamilton he could not stay there it was said that Hamilton then jumped off the second floor balcony and fled on foot from the premises and as of late on this Friday afternoon he’s still running if he’s uh if you see him or know of his whereabouts you’re asked to contact police I’m Neil Berg reporting for in trfnews.i234.me


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