UPDATE: Drug Bust, “I Only Sell Them”

GRAND FORKS, ND (trfnews.i234.me) We have an update regarding a Thursday afternoon arrest in Grand Forks. A man and woman are now facing drug trafficking charges.
we have an update regarding this inews viewer photo of a man and woman being arrested in the 3000 block of Demers Avenue in Grand Forks on Thursday 29 year old Jeremy Woolsey of Grand Forks has been charged with two felony counts of possession with intent to deliver Fentanyl and meth 21 year old Chloe Rand of Grand Forks a passenger has also been charged with a pair of felonies possession with intent to deliver Fentanyl and possession of drug paraphernalia according to court documents the Grand Forks Deputy pulled Woolsey over for failure to Signal during a traffic lane change the deputy noticed a bulky pocket and Woolsey then struggled with the deputy he was taken to the to the ground another officer arrived who was kicked and Woolsey was finally put into handcuff 17 fentanyl pills and 1.4 grams of meth were seized Woolsey told an officer he does not use the pills he just sells them a search of Chloe Rand a passenger in the car of allegedly found 18 fentanyl pills in her bra along with 19 other types of pills I’m Neil Berg reporting for itrfnews.i234.me


  1. #3, get the hell out of North Dakota and go to California where drugs are allowed. California does not prosecute drug possession. Spread the word to the dopers of North Dakota.

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