1. A charge of criminal negligence will not bring the person who was lost back, but it’s the very least that the idiot driving that tow truck left abandoned in the driving lane on I-84 should receive. He should share in the nightmare he’s caused this shattered family.

  2. People are so stupid yes stupid I hope the tow truck driver get charged with every account charge able and jail time for murder I people are having vehicle problems before it quits rolling get off to the shoulder as far as possible if someone picked him up maybe they should have parked behind off to the side with their flashers on or it's a smaller truck I'm sure he had a chain or strap tow it to the shoulder you just don't leave so sad?

  3. Father God we come before you in this time of grief for this family we pray for immediate healing and recovery and comfort and peace in Jesus name with Thanksgiving in your name.

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